Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Final Frontier: Adobe working on Linux thru wine

So you guys were complaining that you couldn't work in your favourite designer suite: The Adobe suite. Of course, there were alternatives to all that stuff: gimp for photoshop; bluefish or Kompozer for Dreamweaver; gplflash for adobe flash. Still they were not as powerful as the adobe's software (although this is not completely true: those working with gimp have felt it to be better and i personally prefer using gimp maybe beacause i am accustomed to it; so i'm not criticizing these open source options, rather giving a favor to those guys who have worked on adobe and are not shifting to Linux just for this reason that they haven't got their favourite designer suite).

Now what i'm talking about is wine if you guys would've heard about it. It is an amazing platform to use windows based softwares(.exe) in Linux!! Although it's not something new but recently it has showed greater developments and has been able to operate almost most of the softwares made for your windows. What more? It can execute these programs faster than they would be operating in the windows!! Seriously when i started my Dreamweaver in it, it loaded faster than it'd have in my vista.

Well finally get to the point. Just install the latest version of the wine available in your repository. Then, i hope your user directories and other options would have been setup by default. To check this go to your home directory: /home/(user-name)/ and see the hidden files and folders. There must be a .wine folder. This is your main folder. Enter it and you'll have a drive: drive_c. Enter it and you must be having folders like: Program Files, users, windows etc. If you don't see all this then issue this command and you'll have all this set up:


Now if you want to install any of the software just copy the installation file to .wine/drive_c/Program Files/ and open the .exe file with wine program loader. And you will have the software installed. Then you can start the application from the program files using wine program loader or make a shortcut on your desktop(probably it would have already appeared). You're done.

Now get to more advanced level. Now you wanna try some more applications. For adobe dreamweaver visit here. This guy has used a very cool indirect way of executing Dreamweaver in wine. For more softwares you can visit here . You will be amazed to see there that all your favourite win apps today running in wine: from your fav game counter strike to adobe photoshop to autocad; just anything is working today. Can ye believe eh??!!

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